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$2,700,000 + GST (if any)

Little West Dome

Situated in Northern Southland, handy to Mossburn and Five Rivers, this farm is currently utilised for fattening of cattle and the wintering of cows.
Flat to gentle rolling contour, very well fenced and subdivided into 25 paddocks with access from good lanes.
Water is sourced from a gallery to troughs in all paddocks.
Excellent set of cattle yards, capable of holding 300 cows.
This well set up grazing unit is an ideal local addition or run off block.

Land Area

129 ha

Nearest Town

Mossburn, 4.8km.

Primary School

Mossburn School, 4.8km.

Secondary School

Northern Southland College, 24.3km.

Freezing Works

Alliance Lorneville, 95.1km.


Lorneville, 95km.

Present Condition ( areas approx):

14 hectares ex winter crop to be sown into oats and grass in October, 20 hectares to be sown into chou in November, 16 hectares of new grass 2017, balance in permanent pasture with approximately nine hectares of peat, of which half is under development.

Contour Description:

Predominantly flat with a gentle roll.


Some gorse in fenceline and ditches.

Main Paddocks


Water Supply

Gallery at creek by the bridge, pumped into holding tank, pressure fed via 50ml mainline, then 40ml and 32ml ring main to troughs in all paddocks.


Fertiliser NZ recommendations over the last four years. RPR based system (slow release).

Access & Roads

Gravel lane with access to all internal paddocks. External access via West Dome Station Road.

Supplement made on Farm

Approximately 430 bales of baleage, and two cuts of silage in 2017/18.

Farm Buildings

Pump shed and motorbike shed.

Farm Chattels (Plant & Machinery)

Electric fence unit, water supply pumps and fittings.

Gravel Pits

Gravel available on farm.


Excellent set of cattle yards - holds 300 cows.

Shelter & Trees

Pines on west boundary and Macrocarpa.

Wintered Stock (numbers approx)

200 cows, mid May-August and 160 R1 bulls.

Current Stock

160 R1 bulls.

TB Status


Paula Laughton
Paula Laughton

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Matthew Harrington
Matthew Harrington

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Shay Moseby
Shay Moseby

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