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$10,450,000 + GST (if any)

Dairy Farm with Scale and Infrastructure

Mokoreta Dairies Limited was converted to a high standard in 2012. The property has an estimated milking platform area of 362 hectares with additional rough grazing areas. In addition to this, there is an estimated 44 hectares of native bush and 11 hectares of pine trees. The show piece is a fully automated 64 bail rotary cowshed with Protrack, ACRs and in shed feeding. Four homes are on the farm offering multiple options for staffing set-up. Very good internal lanes with width. The farm produced 389,279kg MS from 850 cows in the 2018/19 season.

This farm offers versatile options to either be a milking platform or run a closed herd and be a self contained system.

Land Area

456 ha

Nearest Town

Wyndham, 25km.

Primary School

Glenham, 23km. Wyndham, 25km.

Secondary School

Menzies College, 25km.

Freezing Works

Alliance Mataura, 40km.


Charlton, 50km.

Dairy Supplier and Company Number

Fonterra, supply #34204.

Present Condition ( areas approx):

Approx. 362 hectares is estimated to be the milking platform area with a further 22 hectares considered rough grazing. In addition to this there is 44 hectares of native bush and 11 hectares of pines. Of the 362 hectares there is 26 hectares of swedes for the upcoming winter of 2020.

Contour Description:

Flat to easy rolling with some steeper sidlings.

Soil Types:

Predominately Kaiwera which has a medium natural fertility and responds well to tile drainage.

Average Rainfall



Some gorse on the steeper land.

Water Supply

There are two bores, one for shed washdown and one for stock water. Either bore is capable of servicing both supplies. Water is reticulated around the farm via 50mm lines and some 63mm line. Water troughs are connected to mainline via 32mm rises. There is a Solu-Dose in line mineral dispenser. Consent expiring 30th April 2022.


A green water flood system drains into a drive in silt trap. It's gravity feeds to a 100,000 litre storage pond where solids are separated. The green water is pumped to a 65 day lined storage pond. The whole farm is consented for effluent application for approximately 100 hectares via large pods or K-lines. Consented for 1000 cows expiring 30th April 2022.


As per Ballance recommendations. P levels are optimum and pH at lower end of optimum range.

Access & Roads

Access from Matheson Road with back entrance via Klondyke Road.


Normally 600 bales of baleage annually made on farm, for 2019/20 season 1200 bales of baleage.


A refurbished homestead built in 1972 has four bedrooms, with open plan kitchen and dining area and a separate lounge. Double garage and a multifuel Yunca fireplace.

Other Homes

No.2: Comfortable three bedroom home built during conversion that has a spacious deck and heated using heatpump. Carport and garage included.
No.3: Four bedroom home that has been partly refurbished with a new roof, bathroom and some interior has been relined with Gibb. Two sheds cover garaging and storage. Heated by multifuel Yunca fire.
No 4: Located near main homestead, three bedrooms, double garage and heated via heatpump.

Farm Buildings

64 bail rotary dairy shed with in-shed feeding ACRs, Protrack and flood washing yard. 13 bay purpose built calf shed with 12 calf pens, various other calf shelter sheds. Five bay implement shed with workshop and chemical room. five bay (old woodshed), three bay sheds. Two hay sheds.

Shelter & Trees

There is a good array of shelter on the farm consisting of Eucalyptus, Macrocarpa, Pine trees and some flax.

Wintered Stock (numbers approx)

Approximately 450 animals are wintered on the property on crop.


2019/20 season budget 390,000kg MS ex 850 cows (198,000kg MS as at 10/01/2020);
2018/19 season 389,279 kg MS ex 850 cows;
2017/18 season 402,023 kg MS ex 850 cows;
2016/17 season 373,879 kg MS ex 830 cows.

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Matthew Harrington

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Shay Moseby

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