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New Zealand's Largest Organic Dairy Operation

This highly regarded property is paving the way to the future of organic dairy farming, right here in the popular district of Dipton. Encompassing almost 1,400 hectares of predominately flat land, with some gentle to rolling contour. Three well maintained rotary cowsheds ensure the 2,010 cows dont have long walks, or waits to be milked. Access, races and fencing is of a top standard throughout, 91 hectares of the property is irrigated, along with a balance of soil types ensures optimal grass growth throughout the season. Staff are accommodated in the 11 homes. Supported by a skilled management team to help guide them, plus take care of a lot of the compliance work to allow the team on the ground to focus on their core roles.

Glencairn Dairies is part of the Aquila certified organic farming portfolio which in total is 2,790 hectares milking 5,043 cows. A turn key business with all the management and systems in place ready for the next entity to take this business to the next level.

Viewing the Aquila Sustainable Farm Portfolio:
Viewing is strictly by qualified appointment only, please contact one of our sole agents to register your interest and for further details.

Expressions of Interest close Thursday, 18th November at 4.00pm at Country & Co Realty Limited, 33 Arena Avenue, Invercargill.

Land Area

1,398 ha

Nearest Town

Dipton 9.3km, Lumsden 29.7km, Invercargill 69.9km.

Primary School

Dipton 8.3km, buses at gate.

Secondary School

Northern Southland College 21.1km, buses on Castlerock Road.

Freezing Works

Alliance, Mataura 86km.

Dairy Supplier and Company Number

Open Country 13296,13297,13298

Present Condition ( areas approx):

Estimated 1145 ha dairy farm area, 200 ha support block area, 53 ha of woodlots. 91 ha of milking platform is irrigated with a pivot.

30ha of Swedes and 30ha of Kale, will be sown in permanent pasture in November.

30ha of Swedes and 30ha of Kale will be sown this spring for winter 2022.

Contour Description:

Majority flat contour, with some rolling and areas of medium hill.



Soil Types:

Balance of soils comprising of Mossburn, Kaihiku, Gore, Caroline, Maraeweka and Oreti.

Average Rainfall

850 - 1,000mm.


160 - 320 MASL.


Organic controlled and maintained with mowing and weed eaters. Some gorse and broom.

Water Supply

Stock water on the property is to a good average standard from several bores, with troughs located in all paddocks on the property, distributed via 40–63mm mainline.
The property holds an irrigation water take consent allowing the abstraction of irrigation water from deeper (155m) bores. Consented irrigation water allow an application rate of 4.0mm/ha/day over 91 ha. 178m bore located in road paddock.


Three farms have up to date effluent systems with weeping walls and lined ponds. Effluent is applied via pod systems on each farm.
50 bail consent for 1,200 cows until 7 September 2021 (consent renewal in process), 80 bail consent for 1,300 cows until 7 June 2023, 64 bail consent for 1,300 cows until 7 September 2021 (consent renewal in process).


2020 Eurofins soil tests on file, supported with complex fertiliser programs. Products applied include Viafos Potash 22, Harvest Salt, Viafos LeaderSul 90, Viafos V10 granule, Mag 2000, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Selenium Organic Chip, Copper and Cobalt Sulphate, Ag Lime and more.

Access & Roads

Dairy sheds are accessed from Glencairn Road, Dipton Castlerock Road and Honeywood Road. Excellent internal races throughout the farm ensure stock movement easily.

Additional Feed Purchased

150 bales baleage, 712t silage, 16.32t grain and 32t lucerne silage.

Supplement made on Farm

850 bales baleage and 531t silage.


Eleven homes in total.
50 bail: Managers home being a large four bedroom brick home, followed by a one bedroom cottage, a two bedroom self contained unit with shared living, and a four bedroom brick and aluminum home.
80 bail: Two new two bedroom self contained staff quarters, a 1960s red brick home and a tidy red brick farmhouse.
64 bail: 10 year old two bedroom brick home, 10 year old three bedroom home, large homestead in average condition and 1960's four bedroom homestead in original condition. All homes have good carpet and heating options as well as being insulated throughout where required.

Please note: All houses upon settlement will be compliant with the healthy home standards.

Farm Buildings

Dairy shed 1: 2000 built 50 bail rotary dairy shed with De Laval plant, in shed feed system, 450 cow round yard with backing gates, dungbuster wash, updated Protrack and auto drafting, office.
Large woolshed/calf complex, workshop, four bay implement shed, three bay hay shed, cattle yards and sundry buildings such as fertiliser bin, stables and tack room.

Dairy shed 2: 2006 built 80 bail rotary dairy shed, Milfos plant, ACR's, in shed feed system, 550 cow yard with backing gates, dungbuster, wash, updated Protrack and auto drafting, office and toilet.
Three four bay calf sheds, concrete shed, deer/bobby calf shed, large calf/store shed, three hay/storage sheds/sundry buildings.

Dairy shed 3: 2012 built 64 bail dairy shed of top quality, Milphos plant, in shed feed system, ACR's, 550 cow yard with backing gates, dungbuster wash, updated Protrack and auto drafting, office and toilet.
Woolshed/covered yards, three four bay calf sheds, new calf shed, eight bay implement shed and sundry buildings.

All dairy sheds are well maintained to a very high standard.

Gravel Pits

3000m2 of gravel can be extracted annually for use. Rotten rock is available at the 64 bail farm.

Shelter & Trees

Good level of well maintained and attractive shelter plantings that provide good
amenity and shelter for the property.

Wood Lots

Forestry Right remaining on the 50 bail farm until July 2030.

Wintered Stock (numbers approx)

Between 50-300 cows wintered on farm over the last three years.


21/22: budget 796,975kg MS ex 2,010 cows peak milk.
20/21: 715,279kg MS ex 2,100 cows peak milk.
19/20: 710,908kg MS ex 2,120 cows peak milk.
18/19: 790,103kg MS ex 2,050 cows peak milk.


1 Aug Heifers, Cows 7 August.

Stock & Plant

All stock and plant included.

Number of Staff

Core x16 (incl. 2 at Happy Valley) + 4 casual.

Philip Ryan
Philip Ryan

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Paula Laughton
Paula Laughton

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Shay Moseby

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