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Closes Monday 16 May 2022, 2.00pm

Quality Dairy Unit

An outstanding opportunity to secure a quality, high producing 184.5ha dairy unit, with two houses for the 2022/2023 season. Located in the Heriot/Kelso district, 44km north east of Gore. Milking approximately 570 cows and consistently achieving over 300,000kgMS. This is achieved by having good quality livestock and ability to bring in supplement from the 46ha grass block, just 2km from dairy platform also for sale. In addition to these properties is a 92ha specialised dairy support block also for sale, 10km from the dairy platform.

The farming infrastructure on the property includes an automated 50 bail rotary cowshed, an excellent 600 cow covered feed pad/wintering facility with rubber matting, multiple silage pad areas, calving pad and hub of calf sheds and ample other quality shedding.

This will be a sought-after property in the current environment due to the excellent infrastructure and high pay-out, it is a well completed dairy unit.

60 Moncurs Road - Meet at the cowshed (look for Mataura Valley supply sign on tanker loop).
RSVP required, please contact our office or one of our agents to register and for further information.

Land Area

185 ha

Nearest Town

Heriot 5.6km, Kelso 6.6km, Tapanui 13.6km.

Primary School

Heriot Primary School 5.5km and Tapanui Primary School 14km.

Secondary School

Blue Mountain College 14km.

Freezing Works

SFF Waitane 51km.

Dairy Supplier and Company Number

Mataura Valley.

Present Condition ( areas approx):

Paddocks 21,30,40 (9.24ha) ex summer turnips into new grass with balance in permanent pasture.

Contour Description:

Flat to soft undulation.

Soil Types:

Predominately Jacobstown soils, silty topsoil with minimal gravel/stones.

Average Rainfall

850-950mm approx.


No noxious weeds, annual programme in place.

Main Paddocks


Water Supply

Two active bores, main bore in paddock 26 near the land for stock water with back up/top up source from the Heriot Burn if required and new bore by the older calf shed for calf rearing facilities and infrastructure hub there. The Moa Flat scheme water is used for shed was and houses. Stock water is fed through 40mm and 32mm mainlines with some laterals 25mm.


Cowshed is gravity to a wedge, then gravity to a sediment trap, then fed via a 300mm pipe to a clay lined pond (approximately 60 days storage). Wintering shed is gravity fed to clay lined pond, flood washed. Generally cleaned twice a year, once before winter, then after first cut of silage for the season and spread via slurry over dairy farm/grass block. Can pump between both effluent ponds if needed.


Tested over seven paddocks; pH 5.7-6.2, Olsen P 23-66, Sulphate Sulphur 5-17, Potassium 4-8, Calcium 8-15 and Magnesium 18-38. Latest soil tests on file.

Access & Roads

External access Park Hill Road, Moncurs Road and Kelso Settlement Road. Internal access via an all-weather rotten rock lane that feeds to most paddocks.


300t PKE, 260t crushed barley.

Additional Feed Purchased

Approximately 580t of grass/whole crop silage, 160t of sugarbeet bought in.

Supplement made on Farm

200t grass silage made on the dairy platform.


Five bedroom brick home with coloursteel roof. Large open plan kitchen/living/dining areas. Main bathroom has bath, toilet and vanity, the two ensuites consist of toilet, vanity and shower. Excellent heating via multi-unit heat pump with a unit being in each bedroom, separate heat pump in master and Fisher multifuel wetback in open plan area. Three bay carport along with sundry sheds adjoining the house.

Other Homes

Three bedroom roughcast home with corrugated iron roof. Semi open plan layout, one bathroom with bath. Heating from a Fisher multifuel wetback fire and insulated via batts in the roof and poly under floor.

Farm Buildings

A centrally located 50 bail rotary shed built in 2002, with a circular 500 cow yard. The shed has DeLaval plant and is fully automated with teat spraying, Protrack drafting and cup removers.

4,100sqm+ concrete based covered feed pad that can house 600 cows with rubber matting, 10 troughs and flood washed with recycled green water. Three bay concrete base implement shed, Four bay concrete base implement/fert shed. Hub of calf sheds around old herringbone cowshed include four bay double depth calf shed, new three bay calf shed, concrete based/chip filled feed pad tiled to pond. Various other shedding around the property.

Silage Pits and Pads

450sqm concrete silage pad with concrete wedge for leaching. Various other rock-based pads available.

Shelter & Trees

Various mature species, attractive plantings throughout the property give good shelter.

Current Stock

575 peak historically, 540 this season.

Milk Solids



2021/22: 290,000kgMS this season ex 540 cows (budget).
2020/21: 305,000kg MS ex 570 peak cows.
2019/20: 308,000kg MS ex 570 peak cows.
2018/19: 314,000kg MS ex 570 peak cows.


Heifers 28th July, Cows 4th August. Synchronised calving.

Shay Moseby
Shay Moseby

Farm Sales

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Philip Ryan
Philip Ryan

Farm Sales, AREINZ

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